8" Audubon Singing Bird Clock

8" Audubon Singing Bird Clock
Item# 45CL14

Product Description

Hear a different authentic North American bird song announce each hour.

1:00  Song Sparrow
2:00  Purple Martin
3:00  American Goldfinch
4:00  Wood Thrush
5:00  Common Yellowthroat
6:00  Eastern Meadowlark
7:00  Carolina Wren
8:00  Eastern Bluebird
9:00  Red-winged Blackbird
10:00  Yellow Warbler
11:00  Hermit Thrush
12:00  Summer Tanager

Green matte frame, 8" diameter. Hang on a wall or use the removeable stand for desktop display. Light sensor deactivates the sounds when the room is dark. Officially licensed by the National Audubon Society. By Mark Feldstein & Associates.